14 mukhi Nepal



14 mukhi is the most important and precious Rudraksha. Hence it is also called as Deva Mani. It is blessed by Lord Shiva and mighty Lord Hanumaan. And it rules Saturn as well as Mars. It wards off malefic effects of Shani Sadesati and Mangalik Dosha. It gives a courage to overcome all the odds in life.

14 Mukhi blesses the wearer with Success and Victory in all his endeavors by the grace of Lord Hanumaanji.

If worn during meditation, 14 Mukhi slowly awakens the third eye chakra thereby bestowing the wearer with higher intelligence and improved decision making power backed with a futuristic vision.

Business Owners, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Managers, Administrators and every person willing to be successful in his/her life must wear this Divine Bead.

चौदह मुखी रुद्राक्ष अनमोल ईश्वरीय रत्न है. ईसे साक्षात ‘देवमणी’ कहा जाता है. ईसके अधिपती स्वय्ं भगवान शिव और महाबली हनुमान है. धारणकर्ता को दुर्घटना, यातना व चिंतासे मुक्ती दिलाते हुए सफलता की ओर ले जाता है. १४ मुखी रुद्राक्ष के अधिपती ग्रह शनि और मंगल है. अर्थात यह रुद्राक्ष शनी तथा मंगल दोनो ग्रहोकी बाधा से उत्पन्न दोषो का निवारण करता है.


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