Rudraksha Beads: 1 to 21 Mukhi

100% Genuine, Lab tested and certified Rudraksha beads (1 to 21 mukhi) at the most reasonable prices:

Rudraksha MukhiPrice in Indian Rupees (INR)
Java BeadNepal Bead
1 Mukhi6000---
2 Mukhi90016000
3 Mukhi---1000
4 Mukhi---100
5 Mukhi---50
6 Mukhi---100
7 Mukhi---500
8 Mukhi9004500
9 Mukhi15005500
10 Mukhi20006500
11 Mukhi25007500
12 Mukhi25009000
13 Mukhi270014500
14 Mukhi700036000

Note: Lab certificate will be provided only for the beads costing above Rs. 3000. For the beads below Rs. 3000, it is not feasible to provide certificate. Nevertheless, you can always be sure about the authenticity of our beads since we choose hand picked beads based on our years of experience and zest for quality.

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