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Confused, which Rudraksha combination is right for you?

For buying right Rudraksha, First of all have a clear objective in your mind:

  • Buy Rudraksha Astrologically (With our Free Advice)
  • Buy Readymade Rudraksha Power Combinations
  • Buy Rudraksha for health
  • Buy Rudraksha for Chakra awakening

Buy Rudraksha Astrologically:

We analyze your birthchart in details and based on your natal planetary positions, your current planet transit and current Mahadasha, we recommend you different Rudraksha Combinations so as to achieve your desired results in life.

Write to us describing your problems (if any)-  along with your birth date, birth time and place and we revert back with our observations and recommendations  within 24 hours. This is completely free service without an obligation to buy from us.

Mail us at:   or whatsapp at: 07756070977

Buy Ready-made Rudraksha Power Combinations:

Ready to wear Combinations for different purposes, like Sadesati Nivaran, Kaalsarp dosha Nivaran, Career Success, Victory etc.

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Buy Rudraksha for Health purpose:

Different mukhi Rudrakshas give long lasting relief in the following Ailments.

  1. 1 mukhi: Migrane, Headaches, Nightmares.
  2. 2 mukhi: Kidney, intestine, sexual organs, emotional imbalance.
  3. 3 mukhi: Stomach, digestive systems, liver ailments.
  4. 4 mukhi: Relief from stammering.
  5. 5 mukhi: Regulate Thyroid glands, improves immunity.
  6. 6 mukhi: Obesity, piles, knee pain, legs and bones pain.
  7. 7 mukhi: Stomach, liver, pancreas.
  8. 10 mukhi: Sex organs, impotency, infertility.
  9. 11 mukhi: Asthma, Thyroid, respiratory disorders.
  10. 15 mukhi: Heart disease, depression, high BP, cholesterol.

Note: Rudraksha is not a substitute to the modern medical treatment. It should be worn as a supportive means to find relief from the disease mentioned above.

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Chakra Cleansing Awakening:

Rudraksha work on 7 Chakras of the body and awaken them very fast.

  1. Muldhara Chakra: 6 mukhi, 8 mukhi
  2. Swadhisthana Chakra: 2 mukhi, 10 mukhi, 13 mukhi, 16 mukhi.
  3. Manipura Chakra: 3 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi.
  4. Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra): 15 mukhi
  5. Vishuddha Chakra: 5 mukhi, 11 mukhi.
  6. Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): 1 mukhi
  7. Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra): 9 mukhi.

Meditation along with the respective Rudraksha awakens the respective chakras surprisingly quick.

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