Yoga, Maditation and Rudraksha


Yoga, Meditation and Rudraksha:

rudraksha for meditation
Rudraksha and meditation

The Sanskrit word Yoga means ‘Union of divine’. Yoga helps one gain control of his own life force, a spiritual energy, known as ‘Kundalini’.

Meditation is one of the main aspects of yoga that enables it’s practitioner to Delve deep into self and enjoy eternal bliss and healthy Life.

By wearing Rudraksha one experiences Peace of Mind, focus and concentration which helps one derive the benefits of meditation to its fullest extent.

This exalted state of mind can improve the performance of professionals (and students) engaged in intellectual and mind related activities by at least thousand times. This state is useful for making  optimum use of your capabilities.

Rudraksha rejuvenate mind, body and Soul which in turn brings out your latent potential. Rudraksha also has anti aging properties that significantly improve the overall quality of life.

Yoga practice is incomplete without meditation and meditation is incomplete without Rudraksha. Because with Yoga you practice utilising cosmic powers and sync them with your soul and Rudraksha enables you to be ‘receptive’ towards that Divine Grace. Hence, Sadhguru says, “Yoga without Rudraksha is nothing but a mere circus!”



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